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Thanks so much to all for your kindness and understanding! I'm beginning to deal with the situation
a little better now. Maybe I'm not such a bad guy after all and I've done the best I could for my
little guys!

Everywhere I go and everyone I speak to always asks "how's your cats" the very first thing! lol
I guess I've been like a proud grampa with the grand kids and maybe go a little overboard talking
about them all the time!

I'm sorry I haven't replied to the comments in my awful journals lately! I just haven't wanted to
speak to anyone about anything since the trapping began.

When the trapping started, some of the cats were going to be returned, but now that we've found
out that all of the neighbors want them dead, they won't return them here. Their trying very hard
to find homes for them but it's especially difficult since their still somewhat wild and have only trusted
and let me near them.

Shorty is recovering from her ordeal. It appears none of her kittens survived. She's been having a hard
time of it the last week or so but she's coming around now and I love her up as much as she lets me!

We're down to 6 left. They will be back to trap them in a week or so. Then they'll all be gone!
It's always been difficult for me whenever one didn't show up for food and I'd worry something
happened to them.  Now they're gone for good and I'll never quit wondering and worrying that
their ok!

My doctor changed my pain medication as the old one had some nasty side effects, but the worst was
the convulsions and spasms! It got to where I'd get no sleep at all for days from the spasms and convulsions
every time I laid down. This one seems to work better and I seem to have a better attitude.

Hopefully the very dark and depressing journals are over for the time being! You won't have to read
anymore of those! I don't seem to have a desire to fractal anymore in fact I seem to have no desire
at all except for ice cream! (My one true love) lol  I have a couple fractals from before my little
breakdown I'll post. Who knows, maybe I can fumble thru a couple more soon!


Gifts from friends

Here are a few gifts I've received from friends I've been lucky enough to have!! Hope you like them as much as I do!!

:iconladycompassion:Fractalholic by ladycompassion
:iconvampirekingdom:One Night in London by vampirekingdom
:iconhillbillygirl:Just For You  TheOldestFart by Hillbillygirl
:iconhillbillygirl:Happy DA Birthday by Hillbillygirl
:iconbrigitte-fredensborg:Rick...the oldest fart by Brigitte-Fredensborg
:iconvickym72:For TheOldestFart by VickyM72
:iconbrigitte-fredensborg:For Rick by Brigitte-Fredensborg
:iconmothersheart:For RICK by MothersHeart
:iconbrigitte-fredensborg:TheOldestFart Gift by Brigitte-Fredensborg

Thanks so much for these wonderful gifts!!


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Thank you for the +fav :blowkiss: Ziska
Thinking of you Rick, hope things are getting better. :hug:
Thanks Darlin!!! Things are a little better! I sure appreciate it Kim!!
recycledrelatives Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for adding my "Subliminal Message" fractal to your favorites!  But Baby, I Can Change... 
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